email-untracker: Get rid of tracking links and spy pixels (self-hosted)

Following up on my previous post, I’d like to announce that email-untracker (or Untracker for short) is now available.

You can now run Untracker (on your own self-hosted mail server) for yourself and your friends. Get rid of tracking links and pixels in email newsletters without compromising your own privacy.

Or if you’re just curious, you can also use Untracker to scan individual emails and see what it discovers. This can be done on your computer and doesn’t require a mail server.

TL;DR: Go straight to the Github repository.

More info

Untracker is a sponsorware project hosted at Github. The public repository is

Currently, the binaries are publicly available but the source code is in a sponsors-only repository.

Once 75 sponsors have been reached, I’ll open source it and publish the code to the public repository.

(Why did I choose 75? I dunno, I just copied

After that (and if the number of sponsors remains 75 or more), I will semi-regularly publish code from the sponsors-only repository to the public repository. (The sponsors-only repository will always have the latest code and newest features.)

There is a small change in licensing from what I originally proposed. The sponsors-only repository is licensed under a ‘source available’ license to discourage redistribution.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find Untracker useful!