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YAGNI exceptions β€” There are some things which really are easier to do earlier than later, and where YAGNI might neglect them.

PAGNIs: Probably Are Gonna Need Its β€” When you know from experience that an initial investment will pay off many times over.

Behind the scenes, AWS Lambda β€” What’s better than containerization, written in Rust, open source and the power behind AWS Lambda functions? (hn)

Sometimes we choose inefficiency β€” Sometimes the most technically efficient solution is not what is needed.

Explaining blockchains to developers β€” What is a blockchain? In simple words, it’s a slow, distributed database. (hn)

RISC-V Bytes: Passing on the Stack β€” What happens when we pass too much data than can be stored in our registers? (hn)

How We Made Our Maps 10x Faster β€” Defining and measuring technical metrics. Profiling before optimizing. Protecting against regressions.

Using CSS to Enforce Accessibility β€” ARIA brings a lot to the table that HTML does not, such as state information that HTML does not have natively. (hn)

De-Googling: Migrating from Google Photos to Nextcloud β€” Learn how I moved from Google Photos to open-source, self-hosted content platform Nextcloud.

Functoolsβ€Š-β€ŠThe Power of Higher-Order Functions in Python β€” Let’s take a tour of it and see all the things it has to offer. (hn)

Why interruptions are frustrating to developers (May 2021) β€” Developers keep a lot of context in their heads and it starts to decay immediately when interrupted.

Tackling Technical Debt, big and small, in Wikidata and Wikibase β€” Anecdotes on how to track, tackle, and prioritize technical debt. (hn)

Don’t help others (immediately) β€” Rushing to help on every message is not good not only for you, but also for the devs you want to help.

The Right Way to Ship Software β€” A former Facebook and VMware engineering executive on how startups can best structure their release processes. (hn)

An Architect’s Guide to GPS and GPS Data Formats β€” A fundamental understanding of GPS is an important skill for today’s enterprise architects.

Your Database is Your Prison β€” Here’s How Expensify Broke Free β€” There are advantages in over-investing in early database design. (hn)

Transactional Outbox: What is it and why you need it? β€” Receiving a request, persisting it, and finally publishing a message can be trickier than expected.

How do Chrome extensions impact browser performance? β€” Popular extensions can have a significant negative impact. Ad blockers and privacy tools can greatly improve performance. (hn)

Getting To Know Logical Clocks By Implementing Them β€” Capture causality and achieve consensus on the ordering of events, and how to implement them.

Dynamic linking best practices β€” Hopefully set the record straight and help improve the quality of open source libraries.

We Increased our Lighthouse Score by 17 Points by Making Our Images Larger β€” Improving on a metric that has become a game. (hn)

Thousands Of Unauthenticated Databases Exposed On The Internet β€” The specifics and analysis of internet-wide research on the security posture of databases exposed on the internet.

Hardware Memory Models β€” Computers with more and more processors created significant problems for language designers, compiler writers and programmers.


The Deep Tech Deficit: Why more people aren’t starting technically ambitious companies right now (Jan 2021) β€” A working hypothesis. (hn)

So You Want to Compete with Roblox β€” You shouldn’t try, but if you insist, here’s how to maybe not fail. (hn)

Leadership Stories from Slack by Michael Lopp β€” Stories about the darkest day of Slack, lessons about telling the truth and growing into an executive role. (hn)

Stripe Atlas: the first five years and 20,000 startups β€” We surveyed over 1,000 Atlas founders. Here’s what we found.

The ABCs of DAOs β€” How decentralized autonomous organizations are automating the corporation. (hn)


Mind-controlling parasite makes hyena cubs more reckless around lions β€” This parasite doesn’t just affect domestic cats and their mouse prey. (hn)

Here be humans β€” We keep discovering how much less of humanity is… us.

What Made Early Humans Smart β€” Walking upright made our ancestors easy prey. It also made them get smart.

Scientists Discover ‘Time Cells’ In the Brain That Enable ‘Mental Time Travel’ β€” A new experiment probed how the human brain encodes and processes the flow of time.

SOCOM To Test Anti-Aging Pill Next Year β€” To improve performance characteristics that typically decline with age.

A Never-Before-Seen Type of Signal Has Been Detected in The Human Brain β€” Traditionally, the XOR operation has been thought to require a network solution.

Mixed up membrane desalinates water with 99.99 percent efficiency β€” After 30 days, the membrane still filtered out 99.99 percent of the salt.

β€˜Social’ Mitochondria, Whispering Between Cells, Influence Health β€” Mitochondria appear to communicate and cooperate with one another, both within and between cells. (hn)

UK pupils use orange juice to fake β€˜positive’ Covid test results β€” Teacher claims students say β€˜it’s a great way to get two weeks off’. (hn)


The Problem With Rockstar Culture In Tech β€” Some of the common problems that I’ve observed, and heard from friends. (hn)

Our Brain Typically Overlooks This Brilliant Problem-Solving Strategy β€” People often limit their creativity by continually adding rather than removing.

Casualties of Perfection β€” Time spent wandering around a park or aimlessly lounging on a couch might be your most valuable hours. (hn)

Some gripes about groupthink (June 2021) β€” Disagreement is valuable but agreement feels so much more comfortable.

Smart technology is not making us dumber: study β€” There are plenty of negatives associated with smart technology but there is also a positive. (hn)

Why I left my tech job to build a meditation app while traveling the world β€” The joy of solving problems, without having to seek the permission of someone else, propelled me forward. (hn)

The Most Precious Resource is Agency β€” Gaining the capacity to do something differently from, or in addition to, the events that simply happen to you.

10 Time Management Tips That I Genuinely Use Everyday β€” Luckily over the years, I found a few techniques that help me organise my time. (hn)

Why Are Gamers So Much Better Than Scientists at Catching Fraud? β€” The scientific community has long looked the other way when fraud allegations fly.

The Endless Conundrum of creating a secure PinePhone β€” What started as a small threat modeling session to improve security a bit is now acting in extreme absolutes. (hn)

Your Pay Scale Has No Obligation to Grow With Your Skillset β€” Position yourself in roles that make an impact in the organization. (hn)


The Bizarre Mysteries Of Gobekli Tepe, The Oldest Temple In The World β€” It predated writing, metal tools, and even pottery. (hn)


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