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For years, a backdoor in popular KiwiSDR product gave root to project developer — Users are rattled after learning their devices and networks were exposed.

What I learned from Software Engineering at Google — Lessons that stick with you a few weeks after reading.

Hobson’s Browser — How Apple, Facebook, and Google broke the mobile browser market by silently undermining user choice. (hn)

The universal VM we call browser — Browsers are kind of accepting they are VMs and finally exposing a decent compilation target.

Packet-Editing Games in Golang — An introduction to modifying binary packets in flight. (hn)

Solving The Three Stooges Problem — How to improve your website’s uptime from 9 5’s to 5 9’s.

The Fundamental Mechanism of Scaling (Jan 2021) — Unintuitively, the fundamental approach used to scale distributed systems is avoiding co-ordination. (hn)

Ship Thesean Software — Design modular software with the intention that it will be updated or replaced. (hn)

Best of .bashrc — Homemade contraptions I use most frequently when farting around with my computer.

Rebasing, work & feature branching — How we release software regularly without stepping on each others' toes. (hn)

Two Wishes for Dev Tooling — Nuanced code quality and bot commits.

Out of the Box Elixir — A pretty good experience. (hn)

I Love Elixir — Elixir made me fall in love with programming again. (hn)

3 Kinds of Tech Debt — Code, data, and architecture. Let’s go over them now with some examples.

Lambdas, Nested Functions, and Blocks, oh my! — Bringing lambdas to C is complicated. Very. (hn)

The 10 Most Valuable Lessons I Learned As A Developer — 21 years Of programming experience distilled.

Building the Debug Trainer Deskop App with Tauri — Like Electron but targeting smaller, lighter, and more secure apps. (hn)

The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 — A detailed report about the programming community with trends in languages, tools, technologies, and lifestyles.

Four lessons from a year building tools for machine learning — What is needed going forwards and why domain experts will play a much larger role in the future of AI. (hn)

How do Mesh VPNs work? Writing my own VPN tool in Golang to find out — Creating my own mesh VPN tool to learn more about how they work.

How we improved the performance of our Rust app — A writeup of our journey to improve the performance of Zellij, a terminal multiplexer. (hn)

FireCracker internals: a deep dive inside the technology powering AWS Lambda — For both tight security and great performance, Amazon came up with its microVM solution called Firecracker.

Faster (and smaller) uploads in Discourse with Rust, WebAssembly and MozJPEG — A technique compresses and optimizes the images clientside before they are uploaded. Here’s how it works. (hn)

Don’t Solve Problems, Eliminate Them — Avoiding problems is better than solving them. Don’t try to solve problems you don’t have yet.

Public CDNs Are Useless and Dangerous — They’ve become a recipe for security, privacy & stability problems with near-zero benefit. (hn)

How the Kaseya VSA Zero Day Exploit Worked — This article explains the pre-auth remote code execution exploit that was used in a recent ransomware attack.

Cryptanalysis of Meow Hash (Jun 2021) — We break all the security claims of this hashing algorithm. (hn)

#indie biz

Secret tips for effective startup hiring and recruiting — Doing even a few of the things in this post should dramatically improve your hiring outcomes. (hn)

The future of (ads) privacy — The seismic change brewing in the attention economy and how big tech will redesign a trillion-dollar paradigm.

A Manager’s Guide to Holding Your Team Accountable — If you struggle with holding people to account, try this. (hn)

How I Paid for my MBA with Pennies (Mar 2021) — Arbitraging copper pennies. (hn)

Infinity Revenue, Infinity Possibilities — A deceptively cute game growing faster than any company in history. (hn)


The Computer Scientist Training AI to Think With Analogies — Digital minds will never truly be like ours until they can make analogies.

We’ll soon know more about our bodies than ever before – but are we ready? — What if we know the probability of illnesses occurring in five, 10 or 20 years time? (hn)

How Many Numbers Exist? Infinity Proof Moves Math Closer to an Answer — For 50 years, mathematicians have believed that the total number of real numbers is unknowable. A new proof suggests otherwise.

Smell You Later: The Weird Science of How Sweat Attracts — Smell is often dismissed as the least important sense. But it’s the funk that draws us together. (hn)

DNA Has Four Bases. Some Viruses Swap in a Fifth. — New work shows how this is possible and hints that it could be more common than we think.

They stole prized lumber from a national forest. The trees’ DNA proved it, feds say. — In a first for a federal criminal trial, prosecutors used tree DNA to prove a case. (hn)

The Mystery at the Base of One of Biology’s Strangest Relationships — Little crustaceans called tongue biters drain the blood from the tongues of fish. Then things get weird. (hn)

Pavement that charges electric vehicles being developed in Indiana — Electric vehicles could soon charge while driving on certain parts of the highway.

The Curiosity Rover May Have Discovered What Wiped Away Ancient Signs of Life on Mars — Evidence of ancient life may have been scrubbed from parts of Mars, a new NASA study has found. (hn)

Lab-developed chocolate passes the taste test — A research team in Switzerland has just developed lab-grown chocolate for the first time.

‘Inflammation clock’ can reveal body’s biological age — Using machine learning, researchers created a tool that might help doctors improve people’s healthy lifespan. (hn)

New Spring-Loaded Screw Turns Drywall Into Sound-Absorbing Panels — They might one day be an easy way to tune out noisy neighbors.


It doesn’t take much public creativity to stand out as a job candidate — A relatively small amount of work can give a big advantage. (hn)

Status signaling in academia — Does something similar also happen in wider society?

I Never Believed in Meditation, But After I Had a Panic Attack at Work I Tried It and Changed My Life — Meditation is simpler than it sounds. Follow these directions from a skeptic who tried and liked it. (hn)

What the Creator Economy Promises and What It Actually Does — Purportedly, it empowers online creators. In reality, it’s turning digital content into gig work. (hn)


Photographer Makes DIY Lenses with Cake Molds and Epoxy — For her large-format film camera. (hn)

Derinkuyu: the ancient underground city, once home to 20,000 people — The maze-like underground city resembles an ant colony.


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