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The Baked Data architectural pattern β€” Bundle a read-only copy of your data alongside code as part of the same deployment

Evolution of search engines architecture - Algolia New Search Architecture Part 1 β€” Co-founder and CTO of Algolia describes what the future of search will look like. (hn)

Idiots And Maniacs β€” Everyone who takes an idea further than I have is a maniac, and everyone who hasn’t taken it as far as I are idiots.

Making Reasonable Use of Computer Resources β€” How do we write code that runs reasonably quickly on modern machines? (hn)

We did a page speed tests of a popular corporate websites. Here is what we got β€” Google’s page speed measurement tool produced unexpected results when applied to big companies' websites.

Convolutional Neural Networks for Beginners β€” Understand convolution neural networks (CNNs) and what they are useful for. (hn)

List of Tech Migrations

How to improve your Docker containers security [cheat sheet included] β€” Recommendations at build and runtime to improve your containers' security. (hn)

Napkin Problem 15: Increase HTTP Performance by Fitting In the Initial TCP Slow Start Window β€” If your site is under ~12kb, the first page will load significantly faster?

The vanishing designer β€” UX design in the age of standardization. (hn)

Safari isn’t protecting the web, it’s killing it

Revisiting Prechelt’s paper and follow-ups comparing Java, Lisp, C/C++ and scripting languages β€” Discussing the impact of programming languages on productivity and program efficiency. (hn)

The Unknown Features of Python’s Operator Module β€” Make the most out of the every function included in this great Python module.

Re-writing the AOSP Calendar App in Kotlin β€” How Kotlin affects existing Android apps and the conversion of other AOSP apps. (hn)

Facebook’s Tectonic Filesystem: Efficiency from Exascale β€” Covering mplementation, various design decisions, and a deeper dive on some highlights.

Haskell for the Elm Enthusiast β€” We’ve developed a style of writing Haskell which can be described as very Elm-like. (hn)

The evolution of a PHP object throughout the years β€” A fun little post because I wanted to visualise how my objects have evolved over the years. (hn)

Back to Linux β€” When there aren’t hardware issues, it’s the best development experience for most software engineers. (hn)

Zero to One Hundred Deploys a Day (pdf) β€” The best software teams at top companies deploy to production hundreds of times a day.

; echo “Shell Injection” β€” Shell injection: A security vulnerability allowing an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the user’s machine. (hn)

My Choice of Programming Languages β€” What languages I put into my programming toolbox and why.

Kernel Pwning with eBPF: a Love Story β€” The basics of eBPF and the verifier component which is supposed to make sure code is safe to run. (hn)

Processing Semi-Structured Data in the Unix Shell β€” Mount YAML and JSON files as a userspace filesystem.

Taking over TVs with Flipper Zero Infrared Port β€” How to reverse engineer infrared communications. (hn)

In Defense of Package Managers β€” It’s not the package managers you hate. It’s what they’ve made you become.

6 Years of Professional Clojure β€” It’s a great programming language due to its functional nature, lack of objects and concentration on primitive values. (hn)

5 Commonly Used Idioms in the Tech Industry β€” Bikeshedding, rubber ducking, dog fooding, bus factors, yak shaving… What do they mean?

Keep Your Data Raw at Rest β€” If you have data that depends on other data, try not to store it. (hn)


My Lessons from Interviewing 400+ Engineers Over Three Startups β€” Some common recruiting tropes and four top interviewing practices for startups. (hn)

Leaving A Legacy β€” I think I do a fairly good job, and I WANT people to see what I do, and understand how I do it. (hn)

Uncertainty and Learning as Tech Debt β€” Software engineering is a process of converting tech debt into concrete learning about the customer.

The Importance of Written Communication for Engineering Teams β€” While good engineering managers can code, great ones can also communicate. (hn)


A Framework for the Metaverse β€” How much of the Metaverse is already here? When will it arrive? What does it need? And how will it grow? (hn)


World’s first re-progammable commercial satellite set to launch β€” Paving the way for a new era of more flexible communications. (hn)

The β€˜Weirdest’ Matter, Made of Partial Particles, Defies Description β€” Bizarre hypothetical particles that can only move in combination with one another.

Physicists at CERN Just Discovered a Brand New Particle β€” The tetraquark exhibits what’s called ‘open charm,’ and has an incredibly long lifetime.

Eternal Change for No Energy: A Time Crystal Finally Made Real β€” Physicists claim to have built a time crystal inside a quantum computer that forever cycles between states without consuming energy.


Walking as a Productivity System β€” It is the foundation of a well-known writer’s creative work. (hn)

Self-Control and Grit: Related but Separable Determinants of Success β€” Two important determinants of success are strongly correlated, but not perfectly so. (hn)

The Daunting Task of Writing Longhand β€” And why you should do it. (hn)

The Fine Line Between Reality and Imaginary β€” We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are. (hn)


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