Interesting Things #25 — Mario Malware


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Analyzing the Mario Themed Malware — A deep dive into analysis of a malware spread through Facebook ads. (hn)

Adventures in Looping — [haskell] If only there was some way to exit from a forever loop. (hn)

The Javascript Guide to Objects, Functions, Scope, Prototypes and Closures — A condensed and written version of the introductory class on JavaScript that I give at training programs and user groups. (hn)

How IBM lost the cloud — Insiders say that marketing missteps and duplicated development processes doomed it from the start. (hn)

Dynamic CSS color themes with similar contrasts — I wrote a function to adjust the color to get a specific contrast compared to the background. (hn)

Rust for the Polyglot Programmer — Intended for the experienced programmer who already knows many other programming languages. (hn)

Software obsoleting faster than Hardware — Software should not have problems running on hardware less than 5 years old. (hn)

FreeBSD Jails – Deep Dive into the Beginning of FreeBSD Containers — FreeBSD jails and containers have an interesting history. Find out how they came to be. (hn)

How we cut our AWS bill by 70% — Our stack is built on AWS, and it’s one of our biggest expenses. (hn)

SQL for Distributed Systems — Common design patterns used by data engineers in SQL and Python, for ELT scripting in distributed computing environments. (hn)


Copycats and Endurance — When someone clones your product, it’s not the end of the world. Let’s consider several factors that have repeatedly proven to be true. (hn)

Ukrainian startups: working up an appetite for global expansion — A report into the Ukrainian startup ecosystem has surprising conclusions. (hn)

‘Give Away Your Legos’ and Other Commandments for Scaling Startups — The key to scaling rapidly the right way from someone who withstood huge amounts of growth at Facebook. (hn)

Why Companies Price Discriminate and Why You Should Too — We argue that when done correctly, price discrimination can be a very good thing. (hn)


The Act of Smelling — The human nose can detect a dizzying array of smells, with a theoretical upper limit of one trillion smells, yet it remains a deep riddle to scientists. (hn)

World’s biggest clean energy project to power Singapore from Australia — The planned Australia-Asia PowerLink project is nearly 10 times the size of the world’s current largest solar power. (hn)

The Mystery of Coronal Heating — Why does the sun’s upper atmosphere sizzle at a temperature 200 to 500 times higher than that of the surface? (hn)

World-first artificial synthesis of starch from CO2 outperforms nature — Scientists have developed an artificial technique that turns CO2 into starch with 8.5 times the efficiency of corn. (hn)


White hat hacker paid DeFi’s largest reported bounty fee — He received in excess of $1 million for his role in averting what was potentially a $10 million loss. (hn)

Explaining explaining: a quick guide on explanatory writing — Explaining things in writing is the most efficient way of conveying an idea to a large, distributed audience. (hn)

12 Rules for Discourse — Productive conversation is a skill like any other, and mastering it is well worth the effort. Here are 12 rules. (hn)


The World’s Deadliest Bird Was Raised by People 18,000 Years Ago — Ancient cassowary egg shells in New Guinea suggests the sharp-taloned bird was being domesticated. (hn)


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