Interesting Things #30 — Amiga 500


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Upgrading an Amiga 500 for today (Sept 2021) — I bought one on eBay and decided to upgrade it with modern parts. (hn)

How Two Interns Are Helping Secure Millions of Lines of Code — How do we find security vulnerabilities at Slack? (hn)

These Robots Follow You to Learn Where to Go — Burro makes carts that help growers of trees and vineyards with harvests. Meanwhile, the maker of Vespa scooters wants to carry your groceries. (hn)

Impressions of the Framework Laptop — My thoughts on the Framework Laptop’s hardware. (hn)

The Booming Underground Market for Bots That Steal Your 2FA Codes — The bots convincingly and effortlessly help hackers break into Coinbase, Amazon, PayPal, and bank accounts. (hn)

Malware found in coa and rc, two npm packages with 23M weekly downloads — Both packages were compromised around the same time and were the result of attackers gaining access to a package developer’s account. (hn)

MirChecker: Detecting Bugs in Rust Programs via Static Analysis [pdf] — Fully automated bug detection by performing static analysis on Rust’s Mid-level Intermediate Representation (MIR). (hn)

The future of personal computing looks just like an M1 Mac — While you may not be using a Mac, your next PC might start to look like one on the inside. (hn)

Everybody loves Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W — We take a look at what you all make of our new board so far. (hn)

The tale of a single register value — It’s not every day that you get to debug what may well be a packet of death. It was certainly the first time for me. (hn)


Quitters Get Raises — “Quitters” earned higher percentage wage gains than those who stayed in their existing jobs. (hn)


Galaxy Brain Is Moving! — A few errant observations about newsletterdom. (hn)

Why it’s OK to abandon your side projects 😉 — When you say ‘no’ to something, you’re usually saying ‘yes’ to something else that matters more at the moment. (hn)


Sponge Genes Hint at the Origins of Neurons and Other Cells — A new study reveals some possibly ancient connections between the nervous, immune and digestive systems. (hn)

Hate broccoli and cauliflower? Your microbiome might be partially to blame — Lots of sulfuric volatiles in saliva correlated with kids' dislike of these veggies. (hn)

Bilingualism Comes Naturally to Our Brains — The brain uses a shared mechanism for combining words from a single language and for combining words from two different languages. (hn)

Quantum Sensor Breakthrough Paves Way For GPS-Free Navigation — The main problem wasn’t weird subatomic physics. It was finding a simpler way to maintain a vacuum. (hn)

NASA Rover Has Found Previously Unknown Organic Molecules on Mars — Using a new on-board experiment, NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered traces of previously undetected organic molecules on Mars. (hn)

Inti Tanager: Colorful New Species of Bird Discovered in South America — The Inti tanager is so different in appearance and genetics that the ornithologists also described a new genus just for it. (hn)


A different type of scam — In order to withdraw the money, they must first give some money to the actors. (hn)

Non-Cognitive Skills For Educational Attainment Suggest Benefits Of Mental Illness Genes — Do some of the genes for some mental illnesses have compensatory benefits? (hn)

How to maintain a healthy brain — Adopt these lifestyle changes and you will not only sharpen your mind today but also reduce your risk of dementia later on. (hn)

A Guide for Beginners in Neurohacking: Cheat Codes to Obtain Ridiculous Brainpower — Five fundamental neuro hacks that could make an amazing difference in your brainpower. (hn)

A 14-year-old won a prestigious award for his discoveries on ‘antiprime’ numbers — The program he created can calculate antiprime numbers, which are highly divisible numbers with more than 1,000 digits. (hn)


Man donated his body to science; company sold $500 tickets to his dissection — The widow learned of the dissection from a news reporter. (hn)


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