Interesting Things #33 — Snake in a Block


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Snake in a Block — How I Ran Snake on Ethereum — Technical details on how to minimize the gas needed to run the game and fit it all within the block. (hn)

On “Powered by AI / ML” marketing — The vast majority of prominent “powered by AI” examples I have seen are examples of FOMO, fraud, intellectual dishonesty, or just ignorance. (hn)

Digging into Linux namespaces - part 1 — Explore what they are and how they work, build our own isolated container, and understand each piece. (hn)

Common behavioral mistakes of novice programmers and how to avoid them — If you fix such behavioral mistakes early, your path to mastery will be shorter and more efficient. (hn)

Crypto design challenges — Thoughts on design challenges facing crypto/web3 today. (hn)

What is Hammock Driven Development? — If the solution isn’t obvious you don’t understand the problem well enough. (hn)

The Best VS Code Extensions To Supercharge Git — Work easier with Git but also extend Git with cool new features and superpowers! (hn)

What we learnt by migrating from CircleCI to Buildkite — A collection of ideas and implementation details helped us arrive at an optimal solution. (hn)


Is the Four-Day Workweek Finally Within Our Grasp? — After embracing flexible work styles during the pandemic, some companies are now embracing a shorter week. (hn)

Your language brain matters more for learning programming than your math brain — New research contradicts long held assumptions about coding. (hn)

My philosophy for productive instant messaging — A few bites of greybeard wisdom on how to effectively use instant messaging for their own work. (hn)

Five Tips for Growing Your Engineering Career — Whilst making the most of your new job and learning as much as you can, it can be hard to find time and energy to focus on growth. (hn)


Inside the rise and fall of Clubhouse — Growth has crumbled as COVID-19 lockdowns ease and creators and users go elsewhere. (hn)

Stop saying open source nonsense — Creating a successful open source project requires more than mimicking the business models of Red Hat or Confluent. (hn)


The Algorithm That Lets Particle Physicists Count Higher Than Two — An obscure figure named Stefano Laporta found a handle on the subatomic world’s fearsome complexity. His algorithm has swept the field. (hn)

We All Nearly Missed The Largest Underwater Volcano Eruption Ever Detected — The incident initially went unnoticed by scientists, but the floating rock platform it generated was harder to miss. (hn)

How a female-only line of salamanders ‘steals’ genes from unsuspecting males — Kleptogenesis gets a little less mysterious in a new study. (hn)

Pythagoras’ revenge: humans didn’t invent mathematics, it’s what the world is made of — Did humans invent mathematics or does it exist independently? (hn)

Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? — It’s a black-and-white issue. (hn)

UArizona Researchers Develop Ultra-Thin ‘Computer on the Bone’ — Engineers and physicians teamed up to develop a wireless device to monitor and protect bone health. (hn)


Amazon’s never-ending fake reviews problem, explained — Those five-star reviews are reassuring. But what if a seller asks you to write one for cash? (hn)

Why Gen-Z and Millennials Don’t Like to Say “You’re Welcome” — Phrases like “no problem” and “no worries” can tell us a lot about the evolution of language. (hn)

Bee gold: Why honey is an insect superfood — From pesticide detox to increased longevity, the benefits for bees go well beyond simply nourishing the hardworking insects. (hn)

The Nihilism and Exploitation of the NFT Industry — Selling the idea that people could be rich if only they participated in the scheme that enriched the rich people first. (hn)


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