Interesting Things #40 — Fantastic Symbols


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Fantastic Symbols and Where to Find Them - Part 1 — How profillers and debuggers translate machine addresses to human-readable symbolic names. (hn)

A breakdown of a DKIM replay attack — A CTO explains a DKIM replay attack and how you can protect your domain from being impersonated. (hn)

How not to learn TypeScript — Mistakes I’ve seen people do when getting started with TypeScript. I hope they’re helpful to you! (hn)

New Intel chips won’t play Blu-ray disks due to SGX deprecation — Future PCs will be unable to playback Blu-ray disks in 4K resolution. (hn)

Is Programmable Overhead Worth The Cost? — How much do we pay for a system to be programmable? It depends upon who you ask. (hn)

Web3 — A hazy/vague term describing a crypto-powered internet, and a font of yogababble. (hn)

A simple guide to the Web3 stack — Web3 is the latest buzzword to see an uptick in interest in recent months. What does it actually mean? (hn)

Why I Use a Debugger — What value am I really getting from this? (hn)

Hotel chain switches to Chrome OS to recover from ransomware attack — The hotel fasttracked a pilot program to reuse old computers with a less-demanding OS. (hn)

On third-party Apple Watch apps — I think many apps are awful and simply don’t make sense on the watch. (hn)

Accelerating Svelte’s Development — Scaling the team, building partnerships, and growing the community. (hn)

Dependency Risk and Funding — The dependency discussion is now overlapped and conflated with discussions about funding and sustainability. (hn)


The Great Switch: distributed work first — The next 20-25 years is going to be the rise of distributed work. (hn)


AWS is Not a Dumb Pipe — Telcos struggled with trying to build an intelligent network until they realized it was more profitable to build a dumb pipe. (hn)


Single-celled marine organism first to be found releasing oxygen in the dark — Discovery of new biological pathway in widespread archaea could transform understanding of oceans’ fertility. (hn)

Samsung becomes the world’s first brand to demonstrate MRAM technology for in-memory computing — Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory. (hn)

Team builds first living robots that can reproduce — Scientists have discovered a new form of biological reproduction and created self-replicating living robots. (hn)

The Most Habitable Alien Planets Might Be ‘Super-Earths’ — They’re bigger than your average Earth and they might just be better at hosting life. (hn)

Puzzling Parkinson’s protein plays essential role in immunity — Mice without alpha synuclein can’t marshal an immune response in the gut. (hn)


How Bad Is QWERTY, Really? A Review of the Literature, such as It Is — A look into the evidence on key layouts and ergonomics and productivity. (hn)

Does Not Compute — It can be hard to distinguish what’s happening from what you think should be happening. (hn)

Replace Waiters With QR Codes — A large number of jobs exist not because they create economic value. (hn)

Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds — Images of men wearing a blue medical face mask perceived as being the most attractive. (hn)

Good Decision-Making Depends on an ‘Archer’s Mindset’ — A professional poker player’s advice for optimizing outcomes. (hn)

Buy Things, Not Experiences — Much of what is wrong with our modern lifestyles is, in a sense, a matter of overconsuming experiences. (hn)


New $10 Taco Bell subscription lets you snag a taco every day. Here’s how to sign up — Taco As A Service. (hn)


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