Interesting Things #41 — Reflexivity


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Reflexivity in Tech Returns: Talent Chasing Money Chasing Talent — This recursive model is an important part of what’s going on in the tech sector. (hn)

Going to Go — I’ve been thinking about what to use for rebuilding a set of personal projects and tackling a few new ones. (hn)

What I’d like to see in Go 2.0 — My only intent is to try and make Go the best programming language. (hn)

The best free, open-source supply-chain security tool? The lockfile — The best investment you can make for supply chain security. (hn)

Stop paying tech debts, start maintaining code — The real term we should all be talking about is maintenance. (hn)


5-Minute MBA in Naming Things: The Ultimate Guide to Coming Up With Better Names — An easily-digestible resource to take your understanding about naming from so-so to o-ho! in 5 minutes. (hn)

Payability, Form, and Substance — If you want to get paid, you have to be payable. (hn)

Your Value Comes From Your Output — A seat at the table is earned by producing something of value. (hn)

“It’s a bloodbath”: U.S. companies are pillaging Latin America’s tech talent — In Argentina, they make more than five times more than the average salary. In Mexico, it’s more than triple the average. (hn)

MIT for Noncommercial is Broken — Use a real noncommercial software license. (hn)


9 tips for scaling your engineering team after your first big funding round — From someone who co-founded a company and scaled it to over 120,000 customers and 260 staff. (hn)

What America’s largest technology firms are investing in — The metaverse, cars and health care. (hn)


Why India’s fossil wealth has remained hidden — India has some of the most spectacular fossils on the planet but many are just sitting in the ground. (hn)

The volcanic explosion in Tonga destroyed an island—and created many mysteries — Everything so far about this eruption is off-the-scale weird. (hn)

Rare ‘bionic’ armor discovered in 2,500-year-old China burial — It’s only the second known ancient armor of its kind. (hn)

Physicists have created “everlasting bubbles” — One gas bubble lasted for a whopping 465 days, a world record for this type of object. (hn)

Symmetries Reveal Clues About the Holographic Universe — Exploring how our universe might emerge like a hologram out of a two-dimensional sheet. (hn)

Pill derived from human feces treats recurrent gut infections — Microbiome drug may soon offer an alternative to fecal transplants. (hn)

Autonomous battery-powered rail cars could steal shipments from truckers — Advances in batteries, autonomy could extend the reach of freight railroads. (hn)


Meat and masculinity: why some men just can’t stomach plant-based food — Many men see meat as a core part of their identity. That could pose a stumbling block for the newly popular plant-based meat sector.

Exploring why some remain sharp even as decades roll by — Scientists study ‘super-aging’ minds for clues to possible interventions. (hn)

The No. 1 Secret of Investing (and Life) — Via negativa. It’s about what to avoid. (hn)

‘I’d keep it on the down low’: the secret life of a super-recogniser — Police employ them and scientists study them, but what is life like for the rare few who can never forget a face? (hn)

The better you are at math, the more money seems to influence your satisfaction — People who are better at math are more happy when they have high incomes and less happy when they have lower incomes. (hn)

Why You Should Ignore the Metagame — On finding the right games to play in life and where to focus your time and energy. (hn)

Why I Am Not a Utilitarian — Utilitarians think you should always perform the action that produces the greatest total amount of benefit in the world. (hn)


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