Interesting Things #54 — Debug ability


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Why you should include debugging in the interview process — Technical interviews should stop over-indexing on coding ability alone. (hn)

My Wife’s Facebook got Hacked — The method by which they gained access is new to me. (hn)

the three line single binary compiler free blog — A silly experiment that quickly ended up deep in the rabbit hole. (hn)

First Malware Running on AWS Lambda Discovered — Perhaps what’s amazing is that it took so long for one to arrive. (hn)

Insteon finally comes clean about its sudden smart home shutdown — Insteon blames the pandemic and lack of a buyer for its sudden shutdown last week. (hn)

EULAs Aren’t Inherently Evil — Proprietary done right can beat free and open for users. (hn)

Why must JSX expressions have only ONE parent element? — We’re trying to return two things at a time, but this is not valid JavaScript. We cannot return two items at a time. (hn)

Reduce httpd web server bandwidth usage by serving compressed files — The OpenBSD httpd web server received a new feature allowing to serve precompressed files to save bandwidth. (hn)

An overview of version control in programming — It is practical to keep a copy of each version of the computer code for several reasons. (hn)

Building a WebAssembly-powered serverless platform — Explore the Wasmtime WebAssembly runtime, and build a WebAssembly-powered serverless platform in just 70 lines of code. (hn)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blockchain — Almost everyone has an opinion, but hardly anyone understands the foundations or relationships. (hn)


If You Make Money Every Day, You’re Not Maximizing — Edge scales linearly, risk scales slower. (hn)

The epiphany: From Individual Contributor to Engineering Manager (and back — What helped him, what he learned, and what he took back as he transitioned back into the role of an individual contributor. (hn)

A Stanford Psychologist Says He’s Cracked the Code of One-Hit Wonders — Three rules of thumb that may come in handy for creative work. (hn)

Ditch Your To-Do List and Use These Docs To Make More Impact — This collection of personal templates helps me stay more focused, balanced, self-aware, context-aware, and in-control of my workflow. (hn)

Quantitative analysis of start-up team composition, alignment, and mindset — Insights and tips on which teams work best and some sound conclusions. (hn)

Writing for Engineers — Chances are, writing is the most important skill you have to acquire in order to increase your scope beyond the team and advance your career. (hn)


Windows to the Soul: Pupils Reveal ‘Aphantasia’ – The Absence of Visual Imagination — Most people have pupillary responses that optimize the amount of light hitting the retina. Not in those with aphantasia. (hn)

Life With Longer Genetic Codes Seems Possible — but Less Likely — Life could use a more expansive genetic code in theory, but improving on three-letter codons would be a challenge. (hn)

NASA’s New Material Built to Withstand Extreme Conditions — A new metal alloy uses a 3D printing process to improve strength and durability of aviation and aerospace components. (hn)

New Proof Illuminates the Hidden Structure of Common Equations — The roots of polynomial equations reveal many of their secrets. (hn)

She Was Missing a Chunk of Her Brain. It Didn’t Matter — A woman grew up without her left temporal lobe, which highlights how amazingly plastic the brain is. (hn)

Large Hadron Collider to restart and hunt for a fifth force of nature — Latest run is expected to scrutinise findings from last year that may turn into another blockbuster discovery. (hn)


Young People Are Lonelier Than Ever — Thirty percent say they don’t know how to make new friends and they’ve never felt more alone. (hn)

Code Is LOL — Cryptocurrency is Asbestos. (hn)


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