Resume of Beng Tan

  • Name: Beng Tan
  • Email: ${first_name} + ‘@’ + ${domain}
  • Birth year: 1978
  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Timezone: GMT+8 (all year around; no DST; same as Singapore & Beijing)

Working remotely from home since 2008.

Technology Skills

  • C, GoLang, Java, JavaScript, Typescript, PHP, Python, Assembler, Shell scripting
  • Embedded software (x86, 68k, z80, PIC)
  • Linux kernel and driver development, Operating systems, TCP/IP, Android
  • Rational ClearCase, CVS, Subversion, Bazaar, Git
  • Web development, LAMP, jQuery, Mysql, Sqlite, Postgres, Symfony, Amazon AWS
  • Mobile app development (iOS/Android), React Native
  • ReactJS, nodejs, Progressive Web Apps, Single Page Apps
  • Excellent at written communications
  • Self-modifying and continuously learns new technologies.
  • Good at debugging hard problems (especially those from the field)
  • Legal issues around open source and software licensing

Formal Qualifications

University of Western Australia (UWA)

  • Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours (UWA, 2001) majoring in Software Engineering and Information Technology.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (UWA, 2001) majoring in Human Resource Management.
  • UWA Gledden tour (1999) which selects the top 20 academically-ranked students (of those who applied) of the entire engineering faculty entering their final year.
  • Received a letter of commendation in 1996 for excellent academic results.

(Academic transcripts available on request)

Work History and Projects

(Reverse chronological order)

  • <company name withheld> (Jun 2021 - ongoing)
    • Software engineer working remotely for a US company developing enterprise B2B SaaS software.
    • Mostly typescript with a splash of python, assembly language (targeting an exotic custom VM) and static code analysis.
  • Hippware (Dec 2014 - Mar 2020)
    • Co-founder/1st hire for a 9-person seed-funded US startup.
    • Remote work. Hippware was nominally based in Los Angeles but eventually became 100% remote.
    • Hippware developed a location sharing and services app for iOS and Android called Tinyrobot.
    • Formally ‘Director of Engineering’ but acted as a Engineering Manager/Software Engineer hybrid and occasional executive.
    • Grew the engineering team from one to five.
    • Managed the engineering team but also contributed to front-end smartphone app development (React Native, Typescript etc.)
    • Was often the main coordination point between server-side, client-side, QA, design, CEO etc.
    • Debugged the hard problems that spanned departments.
    • Shut down due to lack of funding during COVID-19 crisis.
    • Patent:
  • [Own Project] 8sms (May 2013 - 2018)
    • Built “software as a service” for sending cheap sms using the Internet (“over the top”). Includes web client and native Android client.
    • Built a messaging (SMS and MMS) app for Android (which embeds the native client).
    • Peaked at 80,000 users
    • Development stopped somewhere in mid-to-late 2014.
    • Provided passive income until it was delisted by Google sometime in 2018.
    • Media coverage:
  • [Own Project] Paywall Easy (Somewhere in 2012 - Apr 2013)
    • Built a “paywall as a service” that could be embedded into user websites (ie. javascript widget).
    • Started somewhere near the end of 2012, launched, and then aborted soon thereafter.
  • [Own Project] ProsePoint CMS (Aug 2008 - 2011)
    • Built an open source newspaper-oriented CMS on top of Drupal. Tried to monetise but unsuccessful.
    • Active development stopped somewhere around 2011. Website still exists but no updates.
  • Freelancing (2008 - 2012 ish?). Various Drupal and PHP development.

The following occurred whilst living in Melbourne, Australia during 2003-2008

  • Freelancing (2007 - 2008). Mostly web development using Drupal CMS. A mixture of small websites, e-commerce websites, and some application development.
  • Calyptech (Oct/Nov 2003 - Nov 2006 as employee, Dec 2006 - Sept 2007 as contractor)
    • Software developer/design engineer covering all aspects of software development, testing, and maintenance for (1) electronics devices and (2) telecommunications equipment.
    • Maintained in-house distribution of linux for telecommunications carrier grade equipment.
    • Built own cross-compiled distribution of linux for telecommunications customer premises equipment (CPE).
    • Architected and developed application software for telecommunications equipment.

The following occurred in Perth after graduation

  • University of Western Australia (Oct - Nov 2002). Website administration.
  • University of Western Australia (July - Oct 2002). Lab demonstrating and marking for Software Engineering 104 involving java and UML.
  • e-Shares Equities (April - Sept 2002). Business research analyst primarily involved with market research.
  • ERG Group (Jan 2001 - April 2002). Software engineer working on embedded operating system, communications, testing, manufacturing support and hardware interfacing software. Accepted voluntary redundancy amid time of uncertainty and job cuts for company.

The following occurred in Perth and whilst still studying at University of Western Australia

  • University of Western Australia (July - Oct 2000). Lab demonstrating and marking for Software Engineering 104 involving java and UML.
  • Orbital Engine Company (Australia) Pty. Ltd. (Dec 1998 - Feb 1999). Vacation work involving embedded graphics and communications software.
  • Tutored three students (1998). Subjects were 1st year software programming, year 11 Physics, Introductory Calculus, and Geometry and Trigonometry.

Open Source Projects



I have wide ranging experience with software and technology.

I’m a self-motivated person and always learning new things.

I’m a creative thinker who is able to take a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems.

I don’t just do ‘software’, but also the business, legal, social and startup issues around software. (I’m well-read on startup literature.)

I’m a problem solver. Give me a problem and throw me in the deep end. You don’t have to keep checking on me. I’ll find a way out. I’ll either solve the problem or provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

I’m good at debugging hard problems. Especially the ones that no one else wants to do.

I keep myself busy. You can see from my work history that, if not employed, I always have a side project happening. But don’t let that deter you. I’m always willing to shuffle my priorities for the right opportunity.

Thank you for reading.

(No recruiters please.)